Application & Team Formation:

Applications for students interested in participating in InnovateEDU are sent out at the beginning of each semester. While InnovateEDU has an overall application deadline (Fall 2017 is September 15), the application and interview process is handled on a per-school basis. Generally, applications are open for 2-3 weeks, and then interviews are conducted before each partner school finalizes a team of 4 people.

To find out if your school is a partner school of InnovateEDU and find the team manager, please refer to our Teams page. If your school is not a partner school but you believe there would be sufficient interest in InnovateEDU at your school, please reach out to us by clicking here.


Kickoff & Ideation:

Our kickoff and ideation session is our semester launch event where all teams and managers get together to do icebreakers and learn about one another. This session is also comprised of an ideation workshop where teams will start brainstorming problems and business hypotheses they're interested in exploring over the coming semester.


Workshops & Sprints:

Most of the semester is comprised of the time teams are spending to further test their business hypotheses and building towards their MVP. Workshops are hosted at different partner schools that cover venture creation topics that the collective student cohort is lacking in. These workshops are generally put on by respected and successful partner school alumni and faculty in the Boston area. Example workshop topics have included Creating a Go To Market Strategy, Startup Finance, and Product Development.

Additionally, teams will go through weekly (or biweekly) sprints to show consistent incremental progress toward their business goals. InnovateEDU Mentors and Team Managers will help keep each school team on track to present their progress at the end-of-semester Demo Day.


Demo Day:

Demo Day is a showcase of the progress that all the InnovateEDU Teams have made over the semester. This event acts as a platform for teams to receive feedback from a wider audience including investors, entrepreneurs, mentors, and the larger Boston Community.

Demo Day also acts as an inflection point in the venture creation process where team members will decide how committed they are to continuing with their business. While there isn't an expectation that all students will continue with their business idea, opportunities will be available to join other InnovateEDU business teams or form completely new teams.